Dillaha is...capable of making a grown man cry with his from-the-heart lyrics, and then metaphorically kicking him in the teeth for being a wimp.
— The Metro Times

And these honky-tonk-ish waltzes and Americana rustling’s hit you right smack dab in the center of that invigorating, cumbersome, whimsical organ behind your rib cage, the one that, when punctured, makes any otherwise rockin’ whippoorwill “too blue to fly…
— DeepCutz Music Blog

The songs are catchy as hell (at this point, a Dillaha trademark) and have a spirit of working class rock and roll that this town has not heard in a while. I predict that it will be a record that will convert many ears locally and regionally.
— Detroit Live Magazine

As for Dillaha, performing acoustic tonight, he was typically awesome. This guy has a way of making the most mundane, everyday statements and observations seem intense and unique. His delivery is extraordinary, matched only by his ability to twist and turn a very traditional genre into something fresh and exciting
— City Slang

His mid-high nasal voice is one of the most distinctive musical elements I’ve heard to come out of the local stew in the last three years – it has a raspy twang that sounds like it buzzed its way out of a broken radio found by the side of a dirt-road, buzzing with cosmic frequencies dialed in from the glorious ghosts of seminal bluegrass voices. That, and his backing band sets a sturdy strutting folk/Americana bedrock that can breeze its way organically into romantic/melodramatic honky-tonk waltzes to a more rousing, rollicking southern rock flare.
— iSPY Magazine

Hard-hitting old school country songs, heavy with the influence of soul, bluegrass and Dixie.
— Ferndale 115

Catchy beyond belief, Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men know how to craft country tunes. A hit machine in a Pork Pie hat, they’re not one to miss.
— Brett Callwood (Yellow Scene, Colorado)

Influenced by Americana artists like Van Morrison and Steve Earle, Dillaha has a knack for songwriting and an easy-to-listen-to voice.
— The Detroit News

Ryan Dillaha & the Miracle Men write and play songs about whiskey and dancing. That’s their bag. Dillaha is capable of delving a little deeper but, performing with his band, he wants to go for the hooks and fun.
— The Metro Times

Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men are one of those amazing bands that makes sure that everyone who comes out to see them had a excellent time. They are talented musicians who know how to entertain. When you attend one of their shows you can’t help but get up and dance.
— Hip In Detroit